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Like anyone can place a bot and aim at them through smoke? People throwing this radar thing in Niko face are missing the point and will discourage pros in the future from voicing their thoughts. I sure Niko wasn the only pro that thought it. Even as a spectator it clear to see Astralis are another level compared to most other pro teams in smoke.

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If you happen to live in a region where Ra (the name for Ancient Egyptian Sun God) bestows full grace during most parts of the year, then certainly you do not need to imagine the ferocity of heat present in the rays of Ra. For others they can intuitively imagine (Eskimos might require special imagination skills though) that since heat is a form of energy why not convert it into some more useful purpose rather than utilizing it solely for natural tanning purposes.Perhaps this is exactly what went through the minds of scientists and researchers who came up with the concept of a solar cell. Before we study the solar cell it would be helpful to understand a phenomenon known as the photovoltaic affect.The Photovoltaic EffectThe photovoltaic effect or Hertz effect as it is also known; is the phenomenon of conversion of light energy by an appropriate material and its conversion into electric current.

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